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What is ABA?

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1.  What is Applied Behavior Analysis?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is therapy based on the science of learning and behavior. ABA focuses on using evidence based strategies to teach new skills that cultivate a behavior change. ABA therapy is personalized to meet the goals and individual needs of each child, teen or adult. 

2. Who provides ABA therapy? 

A BCBA ( Board Certified Behavior Analyst) conducts an assessment, creates a treatment plan, conducts parent/caregiver collaboration meetings, and monitors progress. An RBT (register behavior technician) will provide 1:1 direct support to the patient and is directly overseen by the BCBA. 

3. Can I use my insurance? 

The BCBA will submit a request for an evaluation and following the evaluation a request for treatment. The insurance company provides an authorization approval or denial based on medical necessity. An ASD diagnosis from a Psychologist, Neurologist, or Medical Doctor is required to receive ABA therapy reimbursed through insurance. A school diagnosis will not be accepted by an insurance company. Once approved, therapy will monitored in a 6 month time period. Every 6 months the process will start over and new goals will be determined. 

4. How many hours of treatment? 

At the time of an evaluation, a medically appropriate determination will be made based on the developmental assessment conducted and the goals of each patient. The hours can vary from 10 per week to 40 per week. 

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