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Dr. Ryan Holt, PhD

Licensed Psychologist

Licensed Specialist in School Psychology

Dr. Holt works for PEACE intermittently, providing virtual social skills groups. Next group anticipated summer of 2023. 

Dr. Ryan Holt has extensive experience providing individual and group therapy for school aged children as well as family therapy. He became interested in the clinical utility of games for developing social skills during his graduate programming. Dr. Holt provides intermittent virtual social skills group with a gaming component for PEACE Psychology Center. 

Training Background: Dr. Holt earned a M.A. in experimental psychology at California State University, San Bernadino, and a PhD in psychology at University of Rhode Island. He completed an APA internship and postdoctoral fellowship at Lewisville Independent School District. Dr. Holt holds an active Texas license as a psychologist, although he is currently working as a school psychologist in the Inland Empire of Southern California. His Texas license allows him to provide virtual telehealth services to individuals in the state of Texas. 



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